BOF Modules

BOF modules are mostly configured the same as powershell modules.

Where it varies:

  • The script, script_path, and script_end fields are not used

  • bof.x86 and box.x64 refer to the path to the beacon object file for each architecture

  • bof.entry_point is an optional field for defining the object file entry point

  • An Architecture field is required

In addition, options add the format which breaks them into the following categeories:

        -i:123       A 32 bit integer (e.g. 123 passed to object file)
        -s:12        A 16 bit integer (e.g. 12 passed to object file)
        -z:hello     An ASCII string  (e.g. hello passed to object file)
        -Z:hello     A string that's converted to wchar (e.g. (wchar_t)hello passed to object file)
        -b:aGVsbG8=  A base64 encoded binary blob (decoded binary passed to object file)

The yaml would use the following format:

  - name: Architecture
    description: Architecture of the beacon_funcs.o to generate with (x64 or x86).
    required: true
    value: x64
    strict: true
      - x64
      - x86
  - name: Filepath
    description: Filepath to search for permissions.
    required: true
    value: 'C:\\windows\\system32\\cmd.exe'
    format: Z
    value: 'alex'

BOF modules also support the advanced.custom_generate method of generating the script.

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