Python Modules

Python modules are not much different from PowerShell modules in terms of the yaml schema. The differences for Python come in with the script, script_path, script_end, and option formatters.

A python script doesn't have an option_format_string. Instead, options are injected into the script directly using mustache templating. An example of this is the python module say.

  - name: Agent
    description: Agent to run module on.
    required: true
    value: ''
  - name: Text
    required: true
    value: 'The text to speak.'
  - name: Voice
    description: The voice to use.
    required: true
    value: 'alex'
script: run_command('say -v {{ Voice }} {{ Text }}')

Python modules also support the advanced.custom_generate method of generating the script. Python modules can be used with script OR script_path and will ignore script_end, option_format_string, and option_format_string_boolean.

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