The Server configuration is managed via empire/server/config.yaml.
  • suppress-self-cert-warning - Suppress the http warnings when launching an Empire instance that uses a self-signed cert.
  • database - Configure Empire's database. Empire defaults to SQLite and has the ability to run with MySQL.
SQLite - The location of the SQLite db file is configurable.
type: sqlite
location: empire/server/data/empire.db
MySQL (Beta) - The url, username, and password are all configurable. Everything in Empire should be working with MySQL with the exception of Python agents. There is additional work needed in order to support them.
type: mysql
url: localhost
The defaults block defines the properties that are initially loaded into the database when it is first created.
# staging key will first look at OS environment variables, then here.
# If empty, will be prompted (like Empire <3.7).
staging-key: RANDOM
username: empireadmin
password: password123
obfuscate: false
# Note the escaped backslashes
obfuscate-command: "Token\\All\\1"
# an IP white list to ONLY accept clients from
# format is ",,"
ip-whitelist: ""
# an IP black list to reject accept clients from
# format is ",,"
ip-blacklist: ""
  • modules.retain-last-value - This tells Empire to retain the last values set for a module. In Empire 4.0, the modules objects were converted to be stateless, so when a user executes a module, it doesn't impact the values seen or set by another user. Set this to true if you want to mimic the old behavior.
  • plugins - Auto runs plugins with defined settings. This tells Empire to run a set of commands with the plugin at server startup.
# Auto-execute plugin with defined settings
status: start
  • directories - Control where Empire should read and write specific data.
downloads: empire/server/downloads/
module_source: empire/server/data/module_source/
obfuscated_module_source: empire/server/data/obfuscated_module_source/
  • keyword_obfuscation - Adds keywords that will be obfuscated in Empire. For example, anytime Invoke-Empire or Invoke-Mimikatz is used in a module/stager, it will be replaced with a random 5 character string.
# List of keywords to obfuscate
- Invoke-Empire
- Invoke-Mimikatz
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