Main Agent Class

The MainAgent class represents the core functionality of the agent after the initial staging process. It handles tasking, command execution, results posting, and overall agent lifecycle management.


  • packet_handler: An instance of a packet handler class, such as ExtendedPacketHandler, which facilitates communication with the command and control server.

  • profile: The communication profile string, inherited from the staging process, that determines the agent's network signatures.

  • server: The base URL of the command and control server.

  • session_id: A unique identifier for the agent's session.

  • kill_date: The date upon which the agent will automatically cease operations.

  • working_hours: A window of time during which the agent is allowed to operate.



Communicates with the command and control server to check for any new tasking or commands that should be executed.

process_packet(packet_type, data, result_id)

Processes an individual packet of data, potentially executing a command, and then returning the result. The specific behavior is determined by the packet_type.


Executes a given command on the host system, capturing any output or errors, and then returning the result.


Packages up the result of a command and sends it to the command and control server using the packet_handler.


The main loop of the agent, which continually checks in with the server for new commands, executes them, and returns results. This loop will typically continue until the kill_date is reached or another termination condition is met.

Usage Example

To use the MainAgent class, it's typically instantiated within the Stage class after the initial staging process:

agent = MainAgent(packet_handler=packetHandlerInstance, profile=profile, server=server, session_id=session_id, kill_date=kill_date, working_hours=working_hours)

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